In It To End It – So What Can I Do?

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In It To End It - So What Can I Do?

Have you seen the red Xs taking over Facebook today? Or perhaps you joined in and marked your hand with the X yourself. The End It Movement asked the anti trafficking community and its followers to shine a light on slavery by drawing a red X on hands on February 27th. That red X means that you’re telling the world that slavery still exists and you won’t stand for it. By using your influence and your hand, thousands are carrying the message of freedom.

What Does the Red X Mean?

The End It Movement asks individuals to use their voices to tell the world that slavery still exists in three main ways: Be the Billboard, Spread the Word, and Get the Toolkit. By supporting END IT gear you can advertise that slavery still existeverywhere you go.

Then by drawing that red X on your hand, you can tell your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers that slavery still exists using #ENDITMOVEMENT. People will start talking and asking questions when they see a sea of red Xs across their streams! Finally, head here to download the End It Movement toolkit. You’ll get a ton of digital resources to do a bunch of things with, like:

  • Change your profile pics to the red X
  • Print off a poster and leave it at your coffee shop on your morning java run
  • Learn more about the slavery industry & tweet a series of facts, like:
    • The slavery industry rakes in an estimated $32 billion each year
    • The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24
    • In 1850, the cost of slave (in today’s dollars) was $40K; the average price of slave today is $90

What Else Can I Do?

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about slavery because we don’t know what we can actually do to end it. Not everyone can leave careers and join organizations fighting on the ground – but we don’t all have to. Even if you only have a small amount of time, you can make a valuable contribution. Here is a list of easy ways you can get involved today:

  1. Save the hotline number in your cell phone and call/text if you suspect something. 1-888-373-7888
  2. Head to Slavery Footprint to learn how many slaves work for you. Then look at your shopping habits.
  3. Check the labels of your coffee and chocolate to make sure it says Fair Trade Certified. If it doesn’t, commit right then to only purchasing from companies that guarantee their products are made without slaves.
  4. Fundraise for organizations that are on the front-lines. Take your pick – there are dozens of great organizations working to assist those in slavery. If your budget is tight, then use your birthday as an occasion for others to give on your behalf.
  5. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that shows readers slavery didn’t end in 1865. Use the facts on the End It Movement toolkit if you need some evidence to beef it up – they share where each of their statistics came from.

Ending slavery is a challenge that’s been around for many, many years – but it’s one that this generation can implode if it takes it seriously. A red X won’t end slavery, but it raises the awareness of those within your circle of influence. Use that influence wisely, and then take real steps in your own life to address slavery.

We can end slavery in our lifetime. Be in it to end it.

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