What Guests are Saying: A Visit from Middletown Middle School

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What Guests are Saying: A Visit from Middletown Middle School

As we continue to deliver powerful museum experiences, we would like to take a brief moment to share some of the testimonials from a group of eighth graders from Middletown Middle School that recently visited the museum. Here’s what students and teachers had to say…

Dear National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Staff,

A few of our students wanted to personally thank you for the experience you shared with them at Freedom Center on 2/26. We appreciate you taking the time to show us all around. We wouldn’t have been able to come if it weren’t for the grant we received from you, so thank you!


Casey S.

Middletown Middle School Teacher

Dear People from the Freedom Center,

Thank you for showing me the Freedom Center and giving me a better clue of what it was like for slaves and what they had to go through.

Thank you,

Blake A.

MMS Student


Dear People of the Freedom Center,

I was glad to learn about slavery and how they were freed. Bless everyone that died to save some of the slaves. Another thing that amazed me was seeing the bridge from the third floor!

Hector C.

MMS Student

Receiving these letters reminds us why it’s important to keep fighting for freedom for everyone. To the students of Middletown Middle School, you are our future. Thank you and we hope you will return soon.

To schedule your school group for a visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, contact James Harrington at (513) 333-7523 or email schoolgroups@nurfc.org. #MyNURFC

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