Freedom Center Spotlight: Meili Clark

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Meili Clark

She/ Her

Graphic Designer, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Fast Facts


Barberton, Ohio


Gardening, jigsaw puzzles and ceramics

Fun Fact

I'm a retired ice cream scooper and also a former employee of Holtman's Donuts, so obviously I have a sweet tooth.

Freedom Center Spotlight
Meili Clark joined the Freedom Center in the summer of 2018 as a graphic designer.

What does your job entail?

My job is to steward the museum's visual brand. So anywhere the logo appears, or anything that we prepare for guests or visitors, or even for staff to use in their day-to-day business—I'm in charge of creating those materials and making sure they fit our brand standards.

What has been your favorite project at the Freedom Center?

I love getting to work on special exhibits that travel to the museum. One of my personal favorites was a Smithsonian traveling exhibit called MEN OF CHANGE: POWER. TRIUMPH. TRUTH.

I really enjoyed that show because it debuted at our museum. We were the first venue and it was really incredible to get the first peek.  It featured photography and quotes—it was just a visually stunning exhibition and it felt special to be part of opening it for the first time.

If you could switch jobs with anyone for a week, what job would you want to try?

If I could try out any job in the museum field, I think I'd go for an archivist. I'm not familiar with everything they do, but I really like to organize just about anything. I find labeling, filing and alphabetizing so satisfying. In another life, I think I would have enjoyed getting to hunker down and organize information or collections.

What's a piece of advice you would give to someone starting this type of work? 

For anyone starting out in non-profit, justice or advocacy work—a lesson I'm still learning is that it's really, really important to take care of yourself. This type of work is so important, and most people that work in these areas care really deeply. It's really easy to burn yourself out taking on too much work, or overlook the emotional toll. There are times to pour yourself into your work, but you always need to come back and take care of yourself, too.

What book would you recommend from the Freedom Store? 

"Hidden Figures" by Margot Lee Shetterly

What is your favorite part of the museum?

My favorite part of the museum is Freedom's Eternal Flame on our third floor terrace. It calls back to the candles Underground Railroad conductors placed in windows to mark safe houses. It will also burn until all people are free around the world. It's a beautiful moment that symbolizes hope for a better world and the work still left to do.

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