From the History News Network: Is African American History at Risk?

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From the History News Network: Is African American History at Risk?

A recent post on by Dr. James Brewer Stewart provides insight on the possibly of African American History being at risk. Stewart, a Professor at Macalester College and founder of Historians Against Slavery, discusses the rich African American history that exists in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is home to various locations where African American history is heard, but not exactly seen. Community members have voiced their concerns about the lack of symbols for African American history within the city.

A group known as the Defenders of Freedom, Justice, and Equality have been at the forefront of the community, pushing for the pieces of African American history that lie within Richmond to be seen. Stewart goes on to discuss how the Defenders have planned an area of Richmond to illustrate African American history, “Were the City to construct the site as the Defenders have planned it, however, Richmond would be graced by a complex of exhibits, displays, reconstructions and memorials that would mark it as a distinguished example of how African American history can and should be presented.”

Stewart points out that Richmond currently has statues of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and J.E.B. Stuart. While Richmond does also have a statue of Arthur Ashe, local hero and admired tennis champion, the statues of Lee, Jackson, Davis and Stuart are significantly larger in size. The statues have been a focal point in the attempt to bring African American history to the forefront of Richmond’s culture.

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