Through permanent and traveling exhibits, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center shares the stories of freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring us all.

Special Exhibitions

September 1 - March 1, 2019
Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu

Past Special Exhibitions

April 6 - July 13, 2018
Confederate Currency: The Color of Money
Confederate Memory: Symbols, Controversy & Legacy

June 26 - August 19, 2018
The Columbus Crossing Borders Project

November 4, 2017 - March 3, 2018
The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection

March 24 - August 20, 2017
Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu

September 1 - 30, 2017
King Records: The King of Them All


  • Sponsor: Coca-Cola Company

    The Struggle Continues examines the desire to fight for freedom around the world and reminds us that slavery in many forms and guises continues to exist in...

  • Sponsor: The Oprah Winfrey Foundation

    From Slavery to Freedom portrays three centuries of slavery from its introduction into the Americas to its abolition at the end of the American Civil War. The exhibit describes who the enslaved were, why they were brought here, how they lived, how they were treated,...

  • From Slavery to Freedom

    Sponsors: American Express Company, AT&T, Luxottica Retail

    ESCAPE! Freedom Seekers and...

  • Sponsor: The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation

    The Slave Pen, built in the early 1800's, was recovered from a farm in Mason County, Kentucky, less than 60 miles from the Freedom Center...

  • Sponsor: The Boeing Company

    Brothers of the Borderland immerses guests in a thrilling flight to freedom, showcasing the courage and cooperation of John Parker and Rev. John Rankin as they aid a woman risking everything to flee slavery. The 25-minute film features a segment narrated by Oprah Winfrey that introduces the...

  • Invisible: Slavery Today is the world's first museum-quality, permanent exhibition on the subjects of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

    The overall design and feel of Invisible is that of a dingy warehouse in an unfamiliar city, filled with wood, metal and plastic containers - shipping cartons for human beings. Through...

  • Sponsor: The Harold C. Schott Foundation

    Everyday Freedom Heroes celebrates individuals from all walks of life whose extraordinary choices at key moments paralleled the courageous actions taken by participants on the Underground Railroad.

  • Sponsors: Fifth Third Foundation, Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust, Charles Moerlein Foundation, Ohio Valley Foundation, Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts

    Suite for Freedom is a brief orientation film that introduces the Freedom Center Experience. Suite features a trilogy of distinct but interrelated animated shorts tied together by...