School and Youth Group Code of Conduct

School and Youth Group Code of Conduct

Important Information

For a smooth check-in and experience, please carefully review this information before your visit. Failure to comply with Freedom Center policies will result in termination of your visit. Visiting privileges, including applicable grant eligibility, may also be suspended for your organization for one year from the date of your scheduled visit.


  • Payment is due 2 weeks before the scheduled visit.
  • Incremental adjustments to the group size can be made at check-in. If additional funds are required because of an increase in group size, payment is due at check-in.  A refund will be given if the group size decreases. If the group size falls below 15, general admission rates will apply.
  • Accepted payment methods: a single check (personal, business or traveler), credit card or purchase order. If paying by P.O., you must submit a copy two weeks in advance of your visit.

Arrival and Parking

  • Try to arrive early (approximately 10-15 minutes) to allow time for check-in. Multiple groups may be scheduled for the same arrival time, so early arrival will help ensure your group can begin on time.
  • Buses may drop off guests in front of the Freedom Center (50 East Freedom Way).  If there is no room, please drop off guests on 2nd Street.
  • Buses are not permitted in the Central Riverfront Garage.
  • Those in vehicles that are not buses may find it most convenient to park in the Central Riverfront Garage, located directly beneath the Freedom Center.
  • Game days and special events: Parking rates will increase on game days and for special events.  Some garage entrances, parking areas and streets may be closed on these days. Learn more→

If You Are Running Late:

  • If you will be late, please call Freedom Center Visitor Services at 513-333-7505 as soon as possible so staff can be notified.
  • Please be aware that your tour may be shortened by the amount of time you are late.


  • All guests who enter the building pay admission, including teachers, bus drivers and tour operators. Please include them on your check-in slip.
  • One person is responsible for check in. This person will report to the front desk with the confirmation letter and the check-in slip already completed and signed.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are NOT available at this time. All tours are self-guided.

Cancellations and Inclement Weather

  • If you need to cancel, call our office up to two business days in advance of your visit in order to cancel without penalty.
  • Cancellations within two business days of the visit are subject to a fee equal to 50% of the reservation amount.
  • Missed reservations with no cancellation will incur a fee equal to the full reservation amount.
  • For cancellations due to inclement weather or emergency school closings, please call 513-333-7505 as soon as possible prior to your visit date and time to leave a message. Cancellations for inclement weather will not face penalty.

Chaperone Requirements

  • Adults must actively chaperone students/youth and remain with them at all times to monitor their behavior.
  • Chaperones are defined as adults 18 years or older, not older siblings, students or tutors.
  • At minimum, one adult per each ten students must serve as chaperones. All school/youth groups will be charged for at least the minimum number of chaperones.

Behavior Guidelines

  • Considerate behavior toward other guests, exhibits and materials is expected. All guests should be conscious of safety: NO running, shouting, throwing items, jumping, crossing or climbing of guardrails and barriers.
  • Visitors will be responsible for the cost of any damages.
  • Unruly groups will be asked to leave with no refund given.
  • The museum is a smoke-free facility.


Due to capacity restraints, we are not able to provide space for group meals. There are no tables or lunch areas available inside the museum. All food must be consumed outside the building (we can store lunches on site, but they cannot be eaten on site).

Grant Availability

  • Limited grant funds are available to schools who meet certain eligibility requirements. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • To apply for potential grant funding, please submit a letter, on school letterhead signed by the principal, stating the percentage of students who receive reduced or free lunches at the school to
  • In order to receive reimbursement for transportation under a grant, a bus invoice must be submitted to the Freedom Center no less than two weeks after the visit.


Memberships are not valid for group visits.

Freedom Store

The Freedom Store is limited to 10 guests at a time. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please note that the Freedom Store accepts credit card payments only.

Public Health

Please refrain from bringing group members with known contagions such as lice, Covid-19, the flu or other communicable disease.


All public areas are accessible by ramp or elevator. Elevators are labeled in Braille. Accessible restrooms are available on the first, third and fourth floors. Learn more→