Welcome to Cincinnati!

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Welcome to Cincinnati!

Welcome to Cincinnati and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center! It's an honor to welcome you to the city. There are plenty of amazing Cincinnati attractions for you to see and experience during your visit — including Macy's Music Festival and the Freedom Center.

Assia's Museum Selfie inside And Still We Rise. Featured Quilt: Sit in, by Ed Johnetta Miller.

This year we’re celebrating 10 years of championing freedom and history with our special exhibition,  And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual ConversationsThe beautifully hand-crafted exhibition invites you to experience 400 years of black history in 85 beautiful story quilts—from the arrival of the first slave ships to the first black president, Barrack Obama. In addition to And Still We Rise, we have two new exhibitions: Cincinnati’s Soldiers: Men and Women of the First World War , the new online exhibition highlighting the contributions of African Americans and women in the first world war and All for the Cause, an exhibition featuring multimedia portraits of civil rights leaders and everyday freedom heroes who gave their lives in the struggle for civil rights.

While you’re visiting, take a selfie with your favorite quilt from And Still We Rise or take a picture with the eternal flame, or another part of your visit that you enjoyed and tag it #CelebratingFreedom—our favorites will be reposted all weekend long via Instagram (IG) and Twitter. You can learn more about our year-long 10th anniversary celebrations by visiting us online, Facebook, IG and Twitter, @FreedomCenter. We know you’re going to have a great time in Cincinnati this week, so join us in celebrating 10 years of history, courage, cooperation and perseverance!



Assia Johnson, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator

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