Become a Freedom Conductor: Volunteer with the Freedom Center!

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Become a Freedom Conductor: Volunteer with the Freedom Center!

Here at the Freedom Center, one of the most powerful ways we reveal stories of freedom’s heroes is by offering guided tours of our exhibits to groups. Many of these tours are given to students from local and regional schools and tie into the work they do in their classes.  Tours are essential for us to communicate our message of Courage, Cooperation, Perseverance, and Freedom to the public, and most of these tours are led by our volunteer docents.

A school group on a tour listens to one of our historical interpreters.

Volunteering to give tours at the Freedom Center is a richly rewarding experience. Recently, I have been lucky enough to lead kindergarteners on tours that include our special exhibition,  And Still We Rise. The young students enjoy being able to see the quilts up close, and are eager to share the stories they see in the artworks. When the groups listen to our historical interpreters, participating with their voices and their hands, it is a delight to see them learning concepts of self-worth and how to respect others. Through leading tours, docents are able to have a positive impact on students’ understanding of history and their relationship to freedom. Each tour challenges visitors to take steps for freedom today.

The Freedom Center is currently recruiting new volunteers to help us carry out this key part of our mission. Volunteer docents are essential and valued members of the Freedom Center family. We are looking for individuals who are willing to work with the public, and we appreciate a diverse group of volunteers who bring a variety of skills to the Center. Volunteer hours are flexible and we provide training on the material covered in tours. I hope you will consider joining us.

To learn more about volunteering, please contact Novella Nimmo at or 513.333.7561 or visit our volunteer page for an application.

-Nancy Yerian, AmeriCorps Member, Ohio Local History Corps

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