Public Programs

The Freedom Center offers public programs throughout the year, to educate and inspire children and adullts. From online programs such as Google Hangouts and the Youth Abolition Summit to events inside the Museum, there are many opportunities to engage wih the rich content of centuries of freedom heroes. 

Ongoing Program: Solomon Northup Tour 

The Solomon Northup Tour takes you on a seven stop journey starting from the second floor just outside the Slave Pen to, to From Slavery to Freedom and the very last stop just outside of Invisible: Slavery Today. Along the way I gained in-depth knowledge about the slave trade, the women’s suffrage movement that intersected with the Abolitionist movement, and the laws Solomon Northup was up against as he and his lawyers fought to seek justice in the courts. I was floored and my questions were answered. This tour is a fantastic supplementary tool that bridges the gaps and provides greater connections to our shared history.

Learn more about the Solomon Northup Tour and follow us on twitter, @FreedomCenter #SolomonNorthupTour