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Fresh Faces: The Youth Docent Program at NURFC

                                   Links Youth Docent Program Updates

Links YIt has been a very busy couple of weeks for me here at the Freedom Center. The recruitment process for our Youth Docent Program has been extremely successful and I am wading through applications and interviews in order to select participants.

About the Cincinnati Chapter of the Links, Incorporated Youth Docent Program

The Youth Docent Program at the Freedom Center was founded in 2003 and is funded through the generosity of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Links, Incorporated. The program gives high school students in-depth education on the content of the Freedom Center’s exhibits and trains the youth to work as docents in the museum, interacting with visitors. Through this process, the teenage participants develop their understanding of history as well as their leadership and communication skills. At the end of their year in the program, Youth Docents receive stipends for their service, along with financial literacy training to jump start their future.

The Applications Arrive

After reaching out to high schools, educators, community centers and youth groups to spread the word about the Youth Docent Program, the due date for the applications finally came. I hoped we would receive enough to fill the 20 spaces in the program. To my amazement, we received over 40 Youth Docent applications in total! The applicants come from all over Cincinnati and even as far away as Oxford, Ohio. They represent 17 different public, private, charter and even homeschools in the area. The teens’ interests include writing, art, music, sports, history and math, just to name a few.

The Fun Part… and the Hard Part

Now we are interviewing the applicants to select 20 young people to participate in the Youth Docent Program. Getting to know the applicants is the most enjoyable step in the application process. Each teen impresses me with their poise, commitment and drive to learn more about what the Freedom Center stands for. The skills and potential that each one of them has to offer will make selecting only 20 a very difficult task, but it also guarantees that the final group of Youth Docents will be an extraordinary assortment of young people.


-Nancy Yerian