Alternative Parking

Alternative Parking

We recommend seeking alternative parking options on June 30 and July 1 due to the Taylor Swift concerts, Reds games and other activity in our area. The Central Riverfront Garage (located below the Freedom Center) will be difficult to access due to lane closures.

Walkable Alternative Parking

There are several alternative garages located within walking distance of the museum:

3rd & Main Garage – 120 E. Third St.

East Garage – 443 E. Pete Rose Way

Scripps Center – 312 Walnut St.

Western and Southern Garage – 310 Broadway St.

Broadway Garage – 295 Broadway St.

Duke Energy Center – 605 Plum St. or 609 Plum St.

Enquirer Building – 312 Elm St.

Park and Ride

There are also parking options (listed below) located near the Cincinnati Bell Connector route. Ride the streetcar for free to Stop 1 on Second Street. The museums is located 1 block away from the drop-off point.

Fourth & Main Parking – 430 Main St.

Fourth & Walnut Center – 101-105 E. 4th St.

Queen City Square Garage – 319-331 E. 4th St.

Olympic Garage – 120 E. 7th St.

SP+ Parking – 616 Main St.

City Gateway Garage – 10 E Central Parkway

Gateway Garage – 1071 Jackson St.

Washington Park Garage – 1310 Elm St.