2015 Historians Against Slavery Conference

Historians Against Slavery Conference

Thursday, September 24 – Saturday, September 26, 2015
Co-hosted by Historians Against Slavery & the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Cost: Free* & open to the public with online registration.  Click here to register.

The Historians Against Slavery conference is designed to facilitate dialogue, scholarship and action in an effort to end modern-day slavery. Survivors, activists, scholars and educators from around the world will convene at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to illuminate vital themes that can inform today’s movement. The conference theme is “Using History to Make Slavery History”.

The conference brings together a distinguished body of scholars and activists from North America, Europe and Africa. The panels feature discussions offering numerous practical examples of how history might be used to inform modern abolition efforts. Panel discussions and breakout sessions include: “Lost in Translation? Linking Activism and the Academy”; “Lessons for Activists from the Slave Narrators Past and Present”; “Frederick Douglass Family Foundation: Globalize 13 K-12 Curriculum Project” and many more. To view the full conference program, click here

Keynote speakers include:

  • Clarence G. Newsome, PhD, president of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

  • Edward E. Baptist of Cornell University

  • Rachel Moran, a survivor of contemporary slavery, author of Paid For, and anti-slavery activist. 

Don't forget to join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag, #HAS15.


Historians Against Slavery
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
John and Francie Pepper

*Please note: Conference attendees are responsible for transportation, lodging and meals.