Volunteering at the Freedom Center

How You Can Get Involved

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center's volunteer program inspires individuals to serve as ambassadors demonstrating the values of courage, cooperation and perseverance for all people.

Volunteers at the Freedom Center are sometimes referred to as "Freedom Conductors," to acknowledge the giant footsteps in which they walk. Inspired by Harriet Tubman, John Rankin and John Parker, and more-people who had their freedom but risked it to help others—our volunteers help fight "unfreedoms" by giving of themselves to the Freedom Center in hopes of changing their community.

Volunteers have been integral in every stage of the Freedom Center's young life-from conception to groundbreaking to grand opening to each day we're open to the public. They lead school tours, interpret exhibits, staff the Family Search Center, greet guests, work in the gift shop, speak in the community about the Freedom Center, office administrative support, serve on committees, plan events-and so much more.

Volunteer Positions

Are you eager to learn new things, utilize your skills and meet new people? Are you looking for ways you can make a difference in your school, community and your world?

As a Freedom Conductor (volunteer) you will:

  • be a key member of our team
  • provide support and expertise crucial for success
  • be matched to an opportunity that meets your interests and abilities
  • join a team of diverse individuals who believe in freedom for all people
  • Make a difference and inspire others! Become a Freedom Conductor today!

Youth Docent Program

The program is designed to develop leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills while improving overall literacy and historical knowledge.  The Youth Docents are selected from diverse group of high school students in multiple school districts from across the tri-state area. Their training with NURFC Docents will prepare them to serve as docents in Freedom Center galleries and in outside projects in the community. Click here to learn more.

Exhibit Interpreter

Do you love the history of the Underground Railroad? As an Exhibit Interpreter, you can be involved with overall responsibility to help create an excellent visitor experience for Freedom Center guests by engaging in dialogue, participating in collaborative learning, and sharing the knowledge gained from a 6-week+ training program. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are looking for a continually meaningful volunteer experience. Opportunities available Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 5pm.

Special Event Guides

Are you excited by the chance to be an Exhibit Guide, but you work or go to school full time? No problem! The Freedom Center plays host to all sorts of groups during evening private events, and they often request that trained exhibit guides be on hand to interpret exhibits and enhance their experience. As a Special Event Guide, you'd be trained in Underground Railroad history, interpretive techniques, and more alongside other guides in our 10-week program and would then be available to work evening events. Opportunities available all evenings from 5 to 10pm (and beyond!)

Family Search Center

Are you interested in history and genealogy? Want to learn more and help others track their family history? The Family Search Center provides free genealogy help to the public and is entirely run by volunteers. All you need is comfort with the computer, an ability to interact well with people, and an interest in genealogy-we'll train you in genealogy research techniques so you can help out effectively! Opportunities available Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 4pm.

Gift Shop Associate

The Gift Shop Associates staff the sales floor, providing customer service to our guests by helping them with their selections and answering questions about the merchandise and the Freedom Center in general. As a gift shop associate, you will also help restock merchandise in the store, straighten throughout the day, and help put together eye-catching displays. Opportunities available Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 5pm.

On-Call Volunteer

For those who are unavailable for or uninterested in the regular volunteer positions listed above, being an "on-call" volunteer is an opportunity get involved on an occasional basis. As an on-call volunteer, you'd receive biweekly Freedom Conductor email updates with, among other things, short-term or one-time opportunities to volunteer. If any of these interest you or fit your schedule, you are free to accept these opportunities. There are no expectations or requirements for regular hours. Short-term and one-time opportunities have in the past included greeting guests at special events, working an information booth for the Freedom Center, at-home data entry, clerical work, and helping to plan events and programs. As an on-call volunteer, you will also be informed of training and information sessions for regular volunteer positions, and are welcome at any time to "upgrade" to a more consistent position

Apply Online

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Freedom Center. To apply, please fill out the Volunteer Application WORD

For more information on volunteering contact:

James Harrington, Interpretative Services Manager
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
50 East Freedom Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202